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 7 Simple Steps to Your Best "Second-Half" Life

I personally interviewed 2,155 people who were ready to retire, and found out what they were thinking, feeling, and dreaming about when they retired...

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"How To Maximize Your $ By Learning The Money-Making Jedi Secrets To Making Your Money Last For The Rest Of Your Life"

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"The Single Biggest Retirement Income Mistake To Avoid That'll KILL Your Retirement" 
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"The 'Secret Equation': Invest With The Greatest Possible Returns And Least Amount Of Risk"

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Inside Of This Controversial Book, These Are Just A FEW Of The Critical Strategies You'll Get When You Dive In...

CHAPTER 1 .............................. 13

“Simple Step 1: Adopt the Mindset Of A Mountain Climber”

CHAPTER 2 .............................. 21

“Simple Step 2: Know The Jedi Secrets Of Financial Advisors”

CHAPTER 3 .............................. 27

“Simple Step 3: Start With The Foundation: 'Retirement Paychecks' For Life”

CHAPTER 4 .............................. 37

“Simple Step 4: Busting The Wall Street Myth of 'Buy And Hold' - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm"

CHAPTER 5 .............................. 47

“Simple Step 5: Invest for the Greatest Possible Returns With The Least Amount Of Risk”

CHAPTER 6 .............................. 57

“Simple Step 6: Have Some Kind Of Plan For Long Term Care”

CHAPTER 7 .............................. 67

“Simple Step 7: Shape Your Life Now Towards Growth, Meaning and Purpose”

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